Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Nest Egg Score

AG Edwards has developed a Nest Egg Score to help gauge the level of saving & investing in America. My Score comes out at 777, significantly better than the national average. Which gives me little comfort overall being aware of America's ongoing love story with debt. :)

Based on my score, AG Edwards recommends the following:
1. Continue to manage debt. My only debt is my mortgage.
2. Maximize your retirement contributions. I managed to maximize my contributions in 2007!
3. Consider your other financial goals. Next step is buying a bigger house as the family is expanding.
4. Review your investment mix. I manage my investment actively.
5. Create or review your estate plan. A bit premature as I do not have much of an estate yet.

The questions were general, and the possible answers had wide ranges. But my score will likely change with a major life changing event looming in the near future.

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