Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Look at my Health Care FSA Eligible Expenses

I am contemplating opening a Health Care Flexible Spending Account for next year. After studying the FSA documentation my company provided, I was surprised to find out that condoms are an eligible expense! So are any birth control expenses for that matter. The following eligible expenses are or may become relevant to me:

-Birth control
-Childbirth class, Lamaze class
-Contact lenses and solutions
-Coinsurance, co-payments and deductibles
-Dental care
-Prescription drugs
-Over-the-counter medicine and supplies
-First aid kits
-Health screenings
-Maternity services (prenatal care, delivery, care provided after delivery)
-Sales Taxes
-Transportation to/from receiving medical care including health care providers, hospitals and pharmacies ($0.20/mile in 2007)

In 2007 my only expenses were contact lenses ($161) and solutions (around $50). For next year with a baby due in March, I can definitely add the childbirth class and maternity services.

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