Thursday, November 8, 2007

My credit card account data may have been compromised?

“We have learned that some credit card information for your FIA Card Services account may have been compromised at a third party location”, states a letter I received today from FIA Card Services. I call them up to find out who the third party in question was, but that information is apparently not available to me.

FIA Card Services has closed the account. I cannot access it online anymore. And new cards are already in the mail.

Last December, about 2 weeks after a short trip to Jamaica, a physical swipe of our card was made in another part of the island, even though the card was not missing. How could that happened? A copy of the card must have been made. FIA Card Services detected the discrepancy right away and confirmed with me on the phone that the swipe was a fraudulent one.

If I truly appreciate the level of protection offered, I wish I would know where and how the card information was compromised.

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